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Generation C – The Consumption Generation

February 23rd, 2012

Americans 18-34 make up 23% of the U.S. population… but consume more digital bytes than any other age demo, by far.  Other thing to note – Males only skew highest in tablets, while females outpace in all other platforms.  What a great focus group of people – the number of ways that they are accessing content provides marketers with a plethora of data about their consumption habits.  More @ Nielsen Wire.

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Digital Zealot, With A Soft Spot For Print

April 15th, 2011

For the regular readers of my blog, it’s no surprise to you that I am a Digital Zealot.  I consume  a massive amount of content each week, with my own commentary surrounding it on Facebook, Twitter, this blog, and a weekly compilation of my top 10 reads (if you’d like to be added to the distribution list, please email me).  It’s not just a passion, it’s my job.  I’m paid to help keep Intel breaking new ground and leading in the digital space.

With that said, you would imagine that I shy away from ‘tangible’ content like newspapers and magazines.  Not the case at all.  I think this article in GigaOmWill iPad & Tablets Be Our Sunday Paper?” is accurate to a certain extent, but I hesitate to insist that print is dead.

For me, yes, I am a voracious consumer of content via a plethora of digital devices. Come the weekend, however I spend a lot of time combing through the stacks of magazines that come to my house each week.  I love the ability to turn a page, and feel the quality of the paper on my finger tips as I leaf through the contents of the book.  I also appreciate the increasingly clever advertising executions the print world is rolling out.

There is an argument for the ability to cram 5000 books, all your music, reams of digital subscriptions along with your streaming movies and addicting games into one portable device (ahem, hello iPad!) – especially when you’re traveling multiple times a month.  I get it. However, I’m also a fan of a lazy Sunday on the couch, holding a hot cup of coffee, and getting lost in fantasy as I digest the travel section of my favorite Sunday paper.  Print is not dead….long live print.

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The Internet: Past, Present & Future

December 15th, 2009

comScore celebrates their 10 year anniversary, and takes a look back at the last 10 years of the Internet – featuring John Battelle, Mark Cuban, and Wenda Harris Millard.

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An Executive Voice on Social Media – Best Buy’s Barry Judge

May 12th, 2009

I have a lot of respect for Barry Judge – the CMO of Best Buy.  Barry is not only good at marketing, but he is excellent with his understanding of his customer, how to reach them, and most importantly – how to please them and help them become brand champions for Best Buy.  We’re all trying to do that with our respective audiences.  The difference with Barry Judge is that he is an executive that puts himself in a position of complete openness – right down to the average customer shopping in one of his stores or researching online. 

He’s one of the few CMOs that I know of that is embracing the Social Web at all levels.  Through his blog, his Twitter account, and other one to many activations like the YouTube video below, he is very clear with his message: Be transparent, show people what’s good and not so good about you to build trust, and talk WITH your customer, not AT them.  Sage insight – all big brands would be exponentially more successful if they embraced that single tenant alone.  Mr. Judge has a quote from the video that is important for all brands, big and small, to embrace:

You’re a part of the conversation, a part of what is being said about your brand.  You don’t get to tell customers what they get to think anymore

A very simple, yet powerful statement.

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