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Rory vs. Tiger is the new Bird vs. Jordan

January 14th, 2013

On the heels of signing Rory McIlroy to what’s rumored to be a $200M contract, Nike releases the ‘youngs’ version of a classic dueling athlete commercial – dubbed, “No Cup Is Safe”. For those of us in the middle age department of life, you’ll recognize this very familiar story line ‘borrowed’ from McDonalds, featuring Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan (apologies for the poor YouTube quality). It’s a great spot, and a hat tip to Rory becoming the ‘air’ apparent to Tiger within the walls of Nike Golf.

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ESPN Does The NBA Playoffs – Celtics Style

May 31st, 2012

My Celtics have made the Eastern Conference Finals… now they need some help getting past the Heat.  Love the spots that ESPN is running that feature Paul Pierce…

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How Do You Watch Video?

December 7th, 2009

Nielsen just released their latest ‘Three Screen Report‘ (quarterly report) that analyzes the use of video across 3 screens (TV, Internet, Mobile Devices) either live, or ‘time shifted’ through their DVR or downloaded means.  Key takeaways from the report indicate that DVR usage is up (+21.1%) and the viewership of Online Video spiked significantly in Q3 of this year (+34.9%).  The Nielsen spokesperson made a key statement on their blog today:

Americans today have an insatiable appetite for not only content, but also choice.  Across all age groups, we see consumers adding the Internet and mobile devices to their media diet — consuming media anytime and anywhere possible.

My take?  Your video strategy better encompass all three screens – with an increased emphasis on the Internet and Mobile platforms.  I’m not saying that the 10-foot TV experience is dead, but I think you’ll see an increased customer emphasis on mobile, portable content that can be consumed on their timeline – wherever they are.

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Kenny Mayne ‘Tweets’ Sportscenter

June 15th, 2009

Ok – admittedly, I am just ramping back up in the digital universe after being on holidays for the last two weeks.  I did find this as an appropos way to re-enter the V/Speak blog and add a little humor to the new week.  Enjoy.

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Twitter and Facebook want their MTV

May 1st, 2009

In a move to stem their flagging viewership, MTV has ‘gone social‘.  The Alex Chung Show, slotted in the highly important after school slot will be the Total Request Live of the social networking generation – going so far as to allow users to interact directly with programming in real time by uploading their favorite videos, including their own creations, that might be slotted in for air time on the show.  Appealing?  Maybe.  Then again – maybe they should remember what they started in the early 80s and actually play some videos.  Will Social Media Kill the Radio Star?

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Branding – Using Another’s to Lift Yours

April 15th, 2009

I am finding more and more that when I watch TV, I actually watch the commercials – whether I’ve DVR’d the show or not.  If I am zipping through what I’ve recorded, I still pay attention, and if something catches my eye, I stop, rewind and watch.  That happened last night.  I found the newest Gatorade spot, featuring Tiger Woods, very interesting.  Upon first blush, I really thought it was a Nike commercial (other than a very small mention of ‘Gatorade’ Tiger on the voiceover) – notice the Nike logo on the front of Tiger’s hat, the Nike logo on the ball, and the TW logo (his sub-brand within Nike Golf) on the back of his hat.  Next you see a Nike visor on the next animated character.  It’s not until 30 seconds in that you see any visual glimmer that this is a Gatorade spot, and it’s very subtle – a logo on a sign…  Only at the end do you get the full pitch from Gatorade on their ‘Focus’ offering. 

Interesting tactic – leverage the halo of the Nike brand (down to Tiger’s famous Nike Golf spot) and the overall Tiger ‘brand offering’ to give lift to your product.  Final note – you go to Gatorade’s site, and there is no mention Tiger under the ‘Athletes‘ section – only under the Focus Product Line.  Intentional?  Probably – if there is one person that’s excellent at protecting their ‘personal’ brand – it’s Tiger.

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Still a cable subscriber or do you watch your shows online?

March 2nd, 2009

The Networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox) have been streaming their program lineup online for some time now.  NBC’s HULU combines current shows with favorites from our past, including a limited selection of full movies.  When I travel and can’t wait to watch a show that I have DVR’d at home – I’ll tune in online and get my fix.  In the Big Apple there are plenty of folks that are ‘cutting the chord‘ completely to save money during this rough economic time…  If it weren’t for live sports, I might think about doing the same.  Can’t live without my SportsCenter!

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