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100 Things To Watch In 2011

January 4th, 2011

Every year, JWT releases a deck covering ‘What To Watch’ in the coming year.  The last several years, they’ve made some very accurate predictions.  Looking into 2011, I’m pleased to see that they’ve called out Mobile as the ‘Everything Hub’.  That is spot on in my opinion.  Full forecast embedded below.

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Announcing MyLifeScoop

November 11th, 2009

Today, in conjunction with Federated Media, Intel has launched a new program called ‘MyLifeScoop‘.  What is this, you ask?  I think the blog post on FM’s site announcing this says it best:

…a practical guide for how people use technology in their everyday lives – home, school, cooking, movies, pictures, multimedia, email, storage, you name it. This is a practical, useful tool that aggregates all the best news, information, tips, tricks and how-tos. And, what’s more, it’s all updated in real-time, so it has the newest, coolest, freshest, most useful information available.

We’re just getting started – I encourage you to check out MyLifeScoop on your own to see how you can improve your everyday life through the use of technology.  Remember – amazing things happen with Intel Inside.

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More on Laptop Battery Life…

June 25th, 2009

Clearly, I was channeling David Pogue of the NYTimes yesterday when I wrote my post on travel and techology.  He has an interesting post in yesterday’s digital publication that talks about the battery life claims battle going on between manufacturers.  Everyone has their opinion, and one of our spokespeople – Bill Kircos – weighs in with Intel’s position regarding testing and benchmarking:

A spokesman, Bill Kircos, says that MobileMark is “a well thought, well debated and very sound benchmark.” Besides, if a shopper doesn’t like it, “there are a wealth of independent tests, reviews, magazine articles and company information out there to see what people are getting on battery life, in addition to the three-faced MobileMark benchmark.”

Pogue goes on a sarcastic bent regarding customers having to do ‘extra’ research on their purchase by leveraging the independent tests and reviews that clarify battery life claims.  Interesting commentary.  Personally, when I am making a technology purchase of a significant dollar value – I spend plenty of time researching, and am happy to do it in order to make sure what I am getting is passing muster.  Maybe we should recommend a good search engine to Mr. Pogue to make his research easier so he is happy with the product claims he is getting from the spokespeople he talked with for this article.

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