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The Gamification of Sports Marketing

July 9th, 2012


Nike just ‘did it’ and has done it better than every other sporting goods manufacturer for a long time.  They’ve motivated us to want to be better than we are – athletically, and do it in a spirited and fun way.  Welcome to the gamification of ‘civilian sports’.  We’re all competitive in our own way – if you say you’re not, you’re lying. What I love about what Nike has done is that they’ve taken that competitiveness and made a game of it.  With Nike+ and Nike Fuel, Nike is – as they say – ‘Making Life A Sport’.  Along the way, they are gathering TONS of data around individuals and their workout habits – which will, in turn, predicate products of the future.  Add a social layer to it – as they do with both Nike+ and through their Fuel Band (both linked to Facebook and Twitter) they have an army of ‘athletes’ marketing their products – without spending a dime.  Pretty ingenious if you ask me.  Game On, World.


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