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Real Time Visualizations Of Conversations

April 27th, 2010

In my role at Intel, I am presented with some pretty unique digital marketing opportunities.  One of my favorite was working with the team over at Digg on creating a new visualization in their Digg Labs environment – called Digg Arc.  This was a real-time visualization of the top content being ‘Dugg’ on the main Digg site. It’s an interesting way to digest content and show the threading of how it’s rising in relevancy as your watching the infograph expand, shift, and change.

It appears that our work together was a bit ahead of it’s time (that was back in 2007) when compared to some of the visualizations that are being released today around Twitter. Yesterday, in my media perusal over a quick lunch, I came across a pretty cool visualization tool that shows the conversation in real time on Twitter.  It’s called ‘Revisit‘ and it shows the ‘conversational threads between Twitter users over time‘.  Pretty interesting to follow – especially showing the extension of the conversation through @ replies and retweets.  One could waste, ahem ‘spend’, a lot of time on this site watching the Twitter-verse play out…

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‘Digg’ing Intel – Value Beyond An Ad

February 2nd, 2010

I am a big fan of media partners that go the extra mile to make an experience good for the client.  We recently did a pretty cool execution with Digg around our new product announcement at CES.  We worked with Chas Edwards and the Digg team to create ‘content’ ads and ‘digg’ ads that offered up a great value to the customer – aggregation of the best stories coming out of CES, in multiple places our target audience consumes content.  Yep – that’s right – we aren’t forcing them to come to, rather, we’ll bring that content directly to them…wherever they are by offering a teaser link that drives them to a content hub on Digg (see below, credit ChasNote).  As I’ve stated before, driving people to is not my first priority.  Bringing them great content (from Intel) in their natural browsing path, is.  We’ve done that in our program with Digg.

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