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A Video Insight On Google – Don’t Be Evil

April 9th, 2010

This was passed along to me this morning by a trusted contact who has a keen eye for interesting tidbits on the Net…  Our own Any Grove gets a mention, being quoted as saying “Google is a company on steroids, with a finger in every industry”.  He couldn’t be more right – we’re seeing that every day.


April Fools – Google Style

April 1st, 2010

At the beginning of March, there were several stories published by major news networks, around how one town in Kansas renamed itself (temporarily) ‘Google, Kansas’ in an effort to claim one of the few spots available for the beta version of Google’s Fiber Network.  That did not go unrecognized by Google, and today they exacted their ‘revenge’ by renaming their campus and homepage as an April Fool’s joke.  Well played Google, er ‘Topeka’.

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Is Google Trying To ‘Own’ Mobile?

February 10th, 2010

In short – yes, and it is becoming more and more obvious everyday. In fact, yesterday, with the release (courtesy, Mashable) of Google Buzz they made a very strategic move that not only shows their interest in your social behavior but brings a tidy package to your mobile experience as well. AdAge has an article from the beginning of the year that shows the steps they are taking to be the dominant leader in this space – and it is a 360 degree approach. Google is not interested in one aspect of the equation, rather, they are intent on owning the landscape – from device, through service, and by application (if you are a doubter, watch the video below).  This quote says it best:

Now imagine this (it’s not hard): Google is your go-to source for almost all of your interdependent needs when you are out and about, not just mobile phone needs, but “mobility“ needs. It’s the device you use, the search engine that helps you find things, the map that tells you how to get there and the coupon you use to get a discount at a preferred restaurant or local shop, all in one seamless experience.

ZDNet’s Dion Hinchcliffe has a robust, and sharp analysis of Google Buzz that is definitely worth the read.

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Google Pays Attention To Your Social Circle

February 4th, 2010

Today a trusted media partner sent me a note about a Google search he had done on Starbucks during his business trip to Seattle.  The subject line of the email: “Starbucks” search results & you!  wow… Curious, I opened the email to find a screen shot of what his search result delivered.  Interestingly enough – there is a new feature in Google’s search results that I had not seen before.  That feature (in Beta, of course) delivers results for your search from people in your social circle.  I know for a fact that this partner reads my blog from time to time and has it delivered as an RSS Feed to his iGoogle account.  Google recognizes that, and delivers a search result based on that connection.  Nice job Google – closing the loop on keyword search and your personal social graph.  I’m impressed.

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The Value Of A Google Employee – $1.34M

January 28th, 2010

Simply…wow.  From Silicon Alley Insider:

According to revenue generated per employee, around $336,000 per quarter, or about $1.34 million per year on an annualized basis.

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