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Is Google Trying To ‘Own’ Mobile?

February 10th, 2010

In short – yes, and it is becoming more and more obvious everyday. In fact, yesterday, with the release (courtesy, Mashable) of Google Buzz they made a very strategic move that not only shows their interest in your social behavior but brings a tidy package to your mobile experience as well. AdAge has an article from the beginning of the year that shows the steps they are taking to be the dominant leader in this space – and it is a 360 degree approach. Google is not interested in one aspect of the equation, rather, they are intent on owning the landscape – from device, through service, and by application (if you are a doubter, watch the video below).  This quote says it best:

Now imagine this (it’s not hard): Google is your go-to source for almost all of your interdependent needs when you are out and about, not just mobile phone needs, but “mobility“ needs. It’s the device you use, the search engine that helps you find things, the map that tells you how to get there and the coupon you use to get a discount at a preferred restaurant or local shop, all in one seamless experience.

ZDNet’s Dion Hinchcliffe has a robust, and sharp analysis of Google Buzz that is definitely worth the read.

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