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Intel and Super Bowl Sunday

February 9th, 2010

We’ve been out of the mix in terms of being an advertiser in the Super Bowl for more than a decade (12 years to be precise).  This past Sunday, we changed that in a big way – debuting two new ads (Lunch Room and Generations) during the game and again in the post-game show (which we were also the primary sponsor of).  Not only did we have an exciting game to watch, but as an Intel employee it gave me a great sense of pride to see our name on such a grand sporting stage.  The team that I work with did a great job of pulling all of this together – we’ve all been working very hard to make this happen and to see it come off without a hitch was fantastic.  If you haven’t seen our newest spot, featuring Jeffrey the Robot, I’ve embedded it below.  We also spent a great deal of time promoting through the social graph, as ComputerWorld notes in an article released Monday.

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