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Google Pays Attention To Your Social Circle

February 4th, 2010

Today a trusted media partner sent me a note about a Google search he had done on Starbucks during his business trip to Seattle.  The subject line of the email: “Starbucks” search results & you!  wow… Curious, I opened the email to find a screen shot of what his search result delivered.  Interestingly enough – there is a new feature in Google’s search results that I had not seen before.  That feature (in Beta, of course) delivers results for your search from people in your social circle.  I know for a fact that this partner reads my blog from time to time and has it delivered as an RSS Feed to his iGoogle account.  Google recognizes that, and delivers a search result based on that connection.  Nice job Google – closing the loop on keyword search and your personal social graph.  I’m impressed.

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‘Digg’ing Intel – Value Beyond An Ad

February 2nd, 2010

I am a big fan of media partners that go the extra mile to make an experience good for the client.  We recently did a pretty cool execution with Digg around our new product announcement at CES.  We worked with Chas Edwards and the Digg team to create ‘content’ ads and ‘digg’ ads that offered up a great value to the customer – aggregation of the best stories coming out of CES, in multiple places our target audience consumes content.  Yep – that’s right – we aren’t forcing them to come to, rather, we’ll bring that content directly to them…wherever they are by offering a teaser link that drives them to a content hub on Digg (see below, credit ChasNote).  As I’ve stated before, driving people to is not my first priority.  Bringing them great content (from Intel) in their natural browsing path, is.  We’ve done that in our program with Digg.

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