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What’s YOUR Monthly Facebook Consumption?

January 13th, 2010

Are you average?  Because, if you are – you are viewing a staggering 662 pages on Facebook each month, according to a recent study done by Pingdom.  Facebook is the lead horse in the Social Networking race (but we’ve known that for a while). The differentiator for Facebook that sets them above the crop of Social Networking sites on the Web is two-fold.  Not only is their user base gigantic (larger than the entire population of the United States), but as the chart below (courtesy: Silicon Alley Insider) clearly shows – they are a very loyal lot as well.  Loyal not just to the destination on Facebook, but as WebProNews shows – it is also the largest generator of referral traffic to sites outside of FB.com…effectively matching the combined referral traffic generated by Google and Bing.  The moral?  Size matters….but so does commitment.  You’ve won if you have both.

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