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Are You An Annoying ‘Tweeter’?

January 14th, 2010

Twitter has a massive user base and a significant amount of activity flowing through it’s data-center on a monthly basis (22M uniques according to the latest Compete.com site analytics).  Those users tweet – a lot.  There are a multitude of ‘profiles’ that industry publications have assigned to those that are actively using Twitter.  The graphic below (Click Image to Enlarge — courtesy: @ngonews) is great.  You’ll get a perspective on the activity of each profile and how you might want to consider your interaction with them – with a humorous bent.  I, personally, completely block the ‘b1tch’ – but also have very little patience with the ‘smore’.  I’d like to think my profile falls in the category of ‘maven’…but you may have a different opinion when following my Twitter stream.  What’s YOUR Twitter profile?

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