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BrandWeek On MyLifeScoop

November 17th, 2009

Todd Wasserman of BrandWeek interviewed me last week about our newly released MyLifeScoop program (“With LifeScoop, Intel’s A Publisher“).  I think Todd did a pretty good job of relating the essence of what MyLifeScoop is about, however I think some of the intent of the site gets blurred when he focuses on the ‘advertising’ portion.  Yes – it is a media buy – but not in the ubiquitous display sense.

What were trying to do here is show the relevance of technology to your everyday life.  Intel clearly plays a part in that technology discussion as a result of our processors being the ‘brains’ of many of the leading PCs and smaller form-factor devices (like Netbooks) on the market today.  We worked very closely with Federated Media and our Agency of Record, OMD, to develop a program that is not simply about pushing Intel – that can be done through a display buy on an ad network or a commercial on broadcast television.  Our interest with MyLifeScoop is developing a relationship with an audience that will use a site like this to find useful ways to incorporate technology into their daily routine and share their own technology tips and tricks with others through a ‘community’ section (launching soon).

I think Mike Arauz of Undercurrent sums it up very well in his quote at the end of Todd’s piece when he says:

If you’re on the Internet and I can’t see what you’re reading and what you’re sharing, I don’t know who you are.  The same is true for brands.

I couldn’t agree more.  With MyLifeScoop, we’ve created an opportunity to share material that we feel is relevant to your life and your technology choices.  We hope you find it to be a relevant resource to pass along to your network and to participate in the site through social connection points.  Give Todd’s article a read and please visit MyLifeScoop to see if there’s a tip or trick to fit your technology need.

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