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Zappos Understands the Importance of the Customer

April 24th, 2009

Tony Hsieh is one amazing CEO.  How many leaders of companies with annual gross sales of more than $1Billion (having quadrupled in 4 years) are as open about their company, the product, and most of all – their brand, as this guy?  He is very clear with his priorities in successfully leading Zappos, emphasizing 3 simple tenants that are all about one thing – the customer:

  1. Your relationships are your brand
  2. Deliver a positive experience
  3. Embrace transparency

Mashable does a great job profiling him today.  Inc. shows us how it all started.  The unwavering theme?  From the beginning, Tony has understood that the customer is king – and that no company survives without pleasing those that purchase their products.  His tools to stay connected to the customer and give them a little insight on the man behind the shoes?  Twitter and his Blog.  When asked in a recent interview how the company look if Zappos was stripped of many of it’s social media tools, he gave the following answer:

I don’t think it would look that different. We’re not really focused on social media tools specifically. We’re focused on forming more personal emotional connections with our employees, our customers, and our vendors.

Smart man – he understands the important thing is the relationship – social media tools are just one way of enhancing those relationships.

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