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Interactive Textnology: YOU as a Sponsor of Tomorrow

August 28th, 2009

I was reminded last night of our Sponsors of Tomorrow launch components by a fellow Intel’r.  Sometimes I forget that there are innovative things we can do outside of executions solely on the Internet (that’s my area of expertise, so pardon me for being a bit biased).  My partner in crime in U.S. Media, Thom Campbell, did a great job with our agency – OMD – to create an experience using out of home media to get users to engage with our new campaign.  Thom and OMD did this by creating ‘interactive storefronts’ where passers by were asked to text in their ‘View on Tomorrow’ and have that text displayed on the 3-D LCD in the storefront window display.  The cool thing?  Their text not only showed up on that display, but also similar displays in Chicago, New York (including all the boards in Times Square), Miami, Boston, San Francisco and L.A, as well as our Sponsors of Tomorrow website.  Hat tip to a brilliant OOH campaign.

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