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Hulu gets stronger by adding ABC/Disney – CBS still a holdout

April 30th, 2009

We’ve been watching the shift to video on the internet with great interest over the last couple of years.  YouTube, being the only initial option, was strong out of the gate but was quickly tested by the likes of Google Video, Vimeo, MetaCafe, and the networks.  Then came Hulu.  

Hulu’s advantage?  A central destination for great programming where their users can watch their favorite shows on their schedule – wherever they are.  Miss an episode on TV?  Head to Hulu and view it 6 hours after it has first aired.  They’ve made brilliant strategic partnerships with most of the major broadcast networks and movie studios.  In doing so,  they have aquired a vast library of enticing content to serve their user base.

Hulu changed the game yet again yesterday – adding ABC/Disney to the porfolio to expand their offering tremendously.  NBC, Fox, and now ABC/Disney understand the strategic advantage of serving their content through their network sites AND aggregating through a service like Hulu.  CBS, when do you plan to join the party

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