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Chrysler & Eminem: Never Forget Where You Came From

February 9th, 2011

As you’ve seen by my last few posts, I took a pretty good look at the Super Bowl ads this year.  In my opinion, most fell short of the mark from past Super Bowls.  There were a few that resonated with me for different reasons.  Volkswagen with the previously mentioned ‘The Force‘ spot, as well as the introduction of the new VW Beetle – cute and well executed spots. I thought Planters did a great job with their stop motion spot entitled ‘Alejandro‘ for their almond line.  I’m biased – it was done here in Portland by Laika/House.  I always love local companies making good on the big stage.

Finally, the spot I thought evoked the most EMOTION in me was by Chrysler – ‘Imported From Detroit‘ (created by Wieden+Kennedy here in PDX).  This is a city and a community that has been kicked in the head repeatedly as we’ve hit the economic downturn.  As one of my co-workers stated, the spot connects and re-connects with almost every line.  For someone that has never been to Detroit, nor really considered it a place I’d be interested in visiting, I had that opinion altered with the cinematography as Slim Shady navigated his Chrysler throughout the city.  Someone else described the ad as an ode to the motor city, with a bit of product placement.  That’s a spot on assessment.  You’ll never see this aired again on broadcast TV in it’s original format – at 2 minutes long, it’s outside the boundaries of a normal 30 second commercial.  It is getting plenty of run on YouTube however, with 4.5M views and counting. Well done Chrysler. Never forget where you came from.

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