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How Do You Use Your Mobile Phone?

If you’re like me, it’s likely a device that plays multiple roles in your life. Personally – my mobile device (both of them – I carry a BlackBerry AND an iPhone) is:

  • My main communication device for my professional and personal network (email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare)
  • The camera I use most often
  • My personal DJ (Pandora, iTunes)
  • My on the go navigator (Google Maps, iPhone Maps)
  • The 2nd most accessed screen that I use for browsing my favorite web sites
  • I almost forgot – I actually do use it for it’s traditional purpose, to make phone calls.  Although that seems to be a task that is called upon (no pun intended) less frequently as the phones get smarter. According to Pew Internet Research, my usage pattern is not unique, although I would say that I am a heavier consumer of content on my phone than most mainstream consumers – that just goes along with my job here at Intel.  The interesting pattern that I have noticed (and that Pew points out in their latest report) is that as the general population makes the transition from feature phones (voice and text only) to smart devices (think iPhone and Android phones) the use of non voice related applications has increased dramatically.  Will we one day reach a point where we no longer use our phones to talk?  I’d say no, but I think we will see that usage model continue to decline – at least in the near term.

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