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Mobile Phones Change Social Media

March 31st, 2010

It’s no secret – 2010 is the year of the Mobile Phone – every analyst, journalist, and pundit are stating their case on why this is the year that mobile finally rings the proverbial bell of success.  As a marketer, I certainly see that it is very important to focus on this ’emerging’ platform – people are using their mobile devices in more robust ways than ever and, sometimes, even abandoning their computer all together and relying on their handheld as their only ‘connected’ device.  According to Mary Meeker’s Mobile Internet Report, the #1 driving force for the uptick in mobile is Social Networking (slide 30).  The number of people accessing their favorite social network or taking a social ‘action’ on their mobile device has sky rocketed over the last year.  Facebook is head and shoulders above the rest as she outlines.  If you want a more visual portrayal of how Mobile and Social are converging, Flowtown has put together (as usual) a very compelling infograph…teaser below, click on the image for the full version.

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