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Go To School, Get An iPad

March 30th, 2010

How times have changed.  When I was in college (enter anecdote about slogging through 3 feet of snow uphill, both ways) I carried around massive textbooks.  Granted, I was a Science Major (don’t even ask how I got into Marketing – it’s a boring story) and my texts included: Organic Chem, Invertebrate Biology, and Quaternary Vegetation History….but still, today’s students have a much more appealing option in front of them.  Carrying all their textbooks in the very friendly form factor – thanks to the latest brainchild of Steve Jobs, the iPad.

Seton Hall just announced today that they will be supplying each incoming student to their university a 13″ MacBook and a new iPad.  Instead of heading to their student bookstore to purchase texts for their semester schedules, they will be able to download each text for their class load via the iBook Store.  As a technology zealot, I’m appreciative to see our education system (which is usually slow to adopt change and new paradigms) beginning to be on the leading edge of technology adoption.  What a great time to be a student – not only is your backpack lighter, but your institutions are recognizing that they need to equip you with great devices to learn in a revolutionary way.  Kudos to Seton Hall.


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