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The Twitterverse Doesn’t Hate Ads

September 25th, 2009

According to a recently released report by the research group Interpret LLC:

Twitter users are twice as likely to review or rate products online (24% vs. 12%), visit company profiles (20% vs. 11%) and click on advertisements or sponsors (20% vs.9%) as those who only belong to traditional social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace. The data suggests that Twitter users uniquely demonstrate higher engagement with brands, not just with “tweets” they post. (credit: All Things Digital)

This is an interesting finding, especially when you consider that 20% of Tweets mention Brands and Products, according to Researchers at Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology.  Message to Brand Marketers, if you’re not already looking at Twitter as a community that is receptive to your message – you should be.

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