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How Sticky Is Your Facebook Wall?

September 11th, 2009

I’m an avid Facebook user – mostly to stay in touch with friends and family scattered throughout the country and globe and to satisfy the voyeur in me to see where other’s lives have taken them.  I also use it as a vehicle to post interesting stories I come across, promotion of certain media activities I’m involved in, and (selfishly) to showcase some of the cool things I get to participate in as a result of my job.  I always wonder how many people actually click on those items I post and if there is an optimal day to actually post them for the best response.  Well, it appears that there is – according to ViTrue, Tuesday is the day…actually Tuesday and Wednesday are neck and neck for optimal timing, with a sharp decline as you move later in the week.

This is an important concept for brands when deciding how to launch new updates to their fan pages or go live with new applications on Facebook, as hi-lighted by ViTrue CEO Reggie Bradford, “This highlights the importance for marketers of having a well thought-out communication strategy for updating their brand page and when to create wall posts to get the optimum response” (quote courtesy to MediaPost).  This is not to say that you need to ONLY launch on a Tuesday or Wednesday as there is a certain amount of guesswork involved with the actual calculation, however it appears that mid-week updates will provide you with the best success.  Keep that in mind when you next have the urge to go live with an update to your company’s fan page on a Friday.  More likely than not, your audience is thinking about their evening plans and what their ‘real’ friends are doing as they head into the weekend.

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