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FM Ad STAMP – Display ads get social

September 10th, 2009

I’m in the digital media business and there are many days where I am exposed to innovative digital opportunities.  When I think of display advertising, more often than not, innovation does not come to mind.  Today, that changed with the introduction of FM Ad STAMP (well – I actually saw this last week but I was sworn to secrecy by the smart account types over @ Federated Media).  My description won’t do it justice so I encourage you to check out their overview page, blog post, and screencast.

My quick take?  This is going to change display advertising for the better.  I think FM did a great job taking into account ‘how’ people are using the web, social networks, and reacting to ads put in front of them by giving marketers a product that provides an ‘engagement’ opportunity with valued customers.  I think the Conversationalist “a 600×250 social ad unit that allows brand advertisers to engage their readers in conversation directly within the ad unit via social media tools like corporate and product blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook fan pages, RSS feeds, syndicated content and more…” is brilliant – hat tip to FM for recognizing the need for display advertising innovation and delivering an exceptional product.

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