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Billboard Advertising and Cloud Computing

August 3rd, 2009

When I think of Google, I envision everything they do centering around an online presence – including the way they promote their goods and services.  Very rarely do I look for an advertisement promoting Google’s wares in an offline environment – not in a magazine, newspaper, or TV – and certainly not on a billboard?!!  Well – that all changed recently… Yes – Google has gone traditional in promoting their new Enterprise web-based suite of messaging and collaboration applications.  Interesting approach, and not the first time they have gone offline to attract users to their cloud applications, as reported by BrandWeek today.  Here’s the curious thing – if you take a good hard look at how the message is displayed on a the billboard, there are less than 140 characters AND a short url.  Coincedence or foreshadowing of a future ‘Google App’?

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