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Adding to my Entourage – Ari Gold watches my Twitter Stream

July 24th, 2009

I’m a fan of HBO’s Entourage.  While it’s not theatrical genius – it’s a good way to while away 30 minutes on Sunday night laughing at things that will likely never happen to me….or anyone like me, anytime soon (I guess I’m admitting that I’ll never be a movie star).  Why am I discussing Entourage in my blog you ask?  Well – I was at the Internet Strategy Forum in PDX yesterday and in particular, listening to Jeremiah Owyang’s discussion about the Future of the Social Web.  He had a great quote regarding mobile devices and the social community, which I tweeted:

No hash tag related to Entourage or it’s fictional movie star, Vinny Chase and no url linking to the show itself.  Simply ‘entourage’ and ‘Vinny Chase’ in the string in my tweet.  Not 30 seconds later, I get an email in my inbox stating: ‘Ari Gold is now following you on Twitter‘.

A follower that’s relevant to MY entourage?  Probably not – after looking at the Ari Gold profile and the subsequent website associated with that profile.  However, pretty powerful to see an almost immediate reaction to a very innocuous and tongue in cheek Tweet – the power of the social web.

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