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How well do you ‘tweet’ your Twitter following?

As we’ve seen this year, Twitter adoption and usage is exploding.  The site and tool is outpacing major news publications in unique visitors on a monthly basis and every day a new usage model or add on is coming to market to take advantage of the fervent growth of this micro-blogging service.  Tools and add-ons around a service are great – however the real value is in your followers.  Chromatic published a ‘Top 10″ report on how to “Keep Your Precious Followers on Twitter”.  Very useful and spot on.  Here is the summary list, visit their site for more comprehensive details.

1. Be Consistent with your Tweets
2. Quality is Greater than Quantity
3. Separate Accounts for Personal/Family and Professional/Business
4. If Posting Links, Provide Commentary
5. Balance Self Promotion with Sharing
6. Maintain Good Twitter Etiquette
7. Avoid Controversial Topics
8. Interact with your Followers
9. Direct Message Etiquette
10. Try to Tweet on a Daily Basis


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