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Sponsors of Tomorrow: Launch Day is a day of media firsts for Intel

It’s launch day in the U.S. for our new advertising campaign.  You all got a sneak peek last week, but today we pull the curtain back and show you all of the great executions we’ve put in place to support our efforts.  Credit to a crack team @ OMD for helping us build a spectacular media plan, including targeting several ‘first mover opportunities’ that will help you get to know our ‘Rockstars‘. 

Never before has the New York Times allowed a complete overlay of their homepage.  We did that today with the image you see to the left of this post.  In addition a contingent of engineering, marketing, and sales folks were on hand at the opening of the NASDAQ this morning to kick off the new week in the market.  Rather than ringing the bell to initiate the opening of the market, our group harmonized the Intel ‘bong‘ to commence trading – a first ever for the NASDAQ.  To complete the New York experience, we’ve given you the opportunity to share your vision of ‘Tomorrow’ to the world by sending (click on ‘You on Tomorrow @ the bottom of the page) your thoughts to the NASDAQ and Reuters boards in Times Square.  If you’re not in the Big Apple today, please check out the dualing Times Square webcams.

The Sponsors of Tomorrow campaign is scheduled to be the cornerstone of our advertising for the foreseeable future.  We’ll be broadcasting our Rockstar and Oops spots on the major networks and across cable starting this week.  We’re hoping you’ll have as much fun with this campaign as we plan to.

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