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Communities Take Charge – The Evolution of the Social Web

April 28th, 2009

Jeremiah Owyang’s recent report “The Future of the Social Web: In Five Eras” is getting a lot of traction this week.  It should – and marketers must take notice of his findings.  Jeremiah is spot on in his interview with CRM Magazine regarding the power shift from the brand to the consumer:

The community will take charge, and that’s going to happen whether or not marketers or brands participate.

Jeremiah goes on to outline the 5 eras of the social web – overlapping across the past, present, and future.  His insight is predicated on substantial qualitative research with 24 of the top technology brands, enablers, and publishers that are leading in the social space (I’m biased – Intel, my employer, was one of the companies he spoke with as was Federated Media – a publisher whom we’ve had great success in partnering with).  The overlapping eras are as follows:

  1. The era of social relationships
  2. The era of social functionality
  3. The era of social colonization
  4. The era of social context
  5. The era of social commerce

I can appreciate this statement specifically:  

…focus is on community and the advocates within each community. Doing so will be the only way a brand can scale.

Those companies that understand the power these communities represent in terms of advocacy for their brand, will be light years ahead of those that don’t.

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    Good framework for analysis over next 12-18 month horizon. Two years out, we’ll probably have more immersive technologies expand our definition of social from the way we look at it today. This phenomenon doesn’t seem to curve fit very well into a contemporary maturity model.


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