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How ‘open’ is your Facebook?

March 8th, 2009

I have hundreds of ‘friends’ on Facebook.  I don’t filter what anyone can see if they have gotten the acceptance note to their friend request.  Among those friends I count long time high school classmates, college track buddies, colleagues and job acquaintances, and my family (yes, my mom is on Facebook).  I will say that I am moderately thoughtful when I post a status update or pictures of my latest travels with my fiancée but for the most part, nothing gets censored.  My reasoning?  If I have accepted you as a ‘friend’ on FB, then I am comfortable enough with you to see all the content I am posting.  Not everyone feels that way – in fact I have certain friends that go through a laborious process to designate levels of access for each of their friends.  Yikes – too hard for me.  If I don’t trust you to see my photos, you probably aren’t going to make my friend’s list.  Interesting article in the NY Times on this very topic.

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