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Checking In – The Power Of Social Within The TV Landscape

November 15th, 2011

Think back to 5 years ago…. did you ever think that you would ‘check in’ to anything other than a hotel?  Now, the check-in is part of your social media arsenal – whether it be at a restaurant, club, sporting event, and yes… a TV show.  GetGlue, one of the leading entertainment check-in services, has made the correlation between a TV audience’s social actions and the success of that show being renewed for the next season.  From AdAge:

Social-TV popularity and Nielsen ratings are likely to never have an exactly linear correlation, but it’s becoming more and more obvious that the shows social-media users are most passionate about have pretty good odds of not only surviving but becoming part of the pop-cultural conversation.

Wish that could have helped one of my favorites ‘The Chicago Code’ from expiring too quickly. If you’ve not read, AdAge also has an excellent article about the art and science of monitoring social media chatter about TV.

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