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Chrysler’s Imports ‘Homecoming’ To The Rose City

The Autos are back, having secured more than half of the spots in the Super Bowl – with Chrysler’s ‘Imported From Detroit‘ stealing the show.  Watching TV the other night with my wife Danielle, she turned my attention to Chrysler’s latest installment, featuring Portland’s own Ndomukong Suh, entitled ‘Homecoming‘.

I’m a huge football fan, and an even bigger fan of my home city, so marrying the two and showing off Portland on a national stage with a newly crowned NFL star clearly appeals to my emotion. Wanting to see the spot again, I searched high and low on the interwebs for the advertisement.  To no avail.  Turning next to my social network, specifically Twitter, I asked where to find it of my followers.  Before long, I got this note from Josh Smith, pointing me to Mike Driehorst of Chrysler PR who mentioned that Chrysler doesn’t always post to YouTube right when a spot airs. After some back and forth (along with an objective that I’m sure was not on his ‘To Do’ list), Mike came through with the following message:

@dveneski Ask and ye shall receive

Hat tip, Mike.  Well done, Chrysler.  Your new slate of advertisements are brilliant.  Your customer service, stellar.  Thank you for showing off our beautiful city in such a well produced manner.

“Show where you’re going without forgetting where you’re from.”

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