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Weekly Wrap Up – 7.9.10

My top 10 reads for the week.   This is a SMALL sampling of what I come across in my weekly media consumption addiction.  If you’d like to be on my email list, please email me and I will add you.

Foursquare Launches Location Layers – ReadWriteWeb article

How Social Media Has Radically Altered Advertising – Mashable article

For Those Facebook Left Behind – David Pogue in NYTimes

In Social Networks, One-Third of Consumers Talk Brands Every Week – BrianSolis.com article

Do you know who the mayor of your business is? – The Brand Builder article

Clay Shirky on the death of newspapers, why paywall will fail & how the internet brings out creativity – UK Guardian article

Reading in a Whole New Way – Smithsonian article

Facebook Makes Headway Around the World – NYTimes article

Andy Grove: How America Can Create Jobs  – Business Week article

Foursquare Is Five Times Larger Than Gowalla And Growing 75 Percent Faster Every Day – TechCrunch article

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