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How Average Is Your Facebook Usage?

I missed this great infograph a couple of months ago put out by Mashable’s Muhammad Saleem.  As you can see from previous posts over the last couple of weeks, I am a fan of visual representation of data.  This one does a great job of laying out what the Facebook landscape usage looks like (at least what it looked like a few months ago).  I wonder if the privacy issues over the last several weeks have changed people’s behavior pattern on Zuckerberg’s social platform?  I’d bet yes – but you tell me – leave a comment if you’ve changed your usage due to privacy issues.  My usage is painfully average in some ways, but well beyond average in other ways.  Personally – I find myself using Facebook to keep in touch with my friends, gather info, and sending good wishes to people on my friends list around celebratory life events.  I don’t typically join groups – a very selective few, and ‘fan’ very few pages.  What I do is mostly comment, ‘like’ and share interesting articles that I’ve come across.

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