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The New NBA Playoff Trash Talk – Twitter Style

I’m a HUGE NBA fan… and even bigger when my beloved Boston Celtics are involved this late into the post season.  I take every opportunity to poke my friend and social sparring partner, Michael Brito, who moved on from Intel (Boo!) and joined Edelman not long ago.  He’s also an unabashed Laker fan so the poking is warranted.  We’ve been going back and forth over Twitter over the last couple of weeks as our favorite teams navigate their way through the playoffs.  Had I known about Nike Basketball’s Post Season Twitter page, I would have channeled my energy there in an effort to disparage more Laker fans in one fell swoop!  Nice execution – bringing people’s passions for sport to a socially relevant medium.  Hats of to Stamen Design – I worked with them a number of years ago for our Digg Arc visualization – glad they are continuing to innovate.

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