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Intel Sponsors of Tomorrow Goes Mobile – Postcard Style

March 9th, 2010

If you’re in media or digital marketing, you know that the hottest platform of 2010 is the mobile device.  From a direct advertising and marketing approach, what better way to interact with your customer – on a device that is always with them and almost always ‘on’.  We are just beginning to roll out a very robust mobile strategy here @ Intel and one of the first programs happens to be a fun way to send a message to your friends and family – from your mobile device – specifically, the iPhone.

Intel is giving iPhone users the opportunity to bring postcards back from the days of gift shops and stamps with a digital twist. “Postcards From The Future” allows iPhone users to send fun and interactive digital postcards to their friends near and far via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or by email. We’ve had a very successful first few days on the iTunes App Store – ranking in the top 50 of free applications and in the top 15 of free entertainment specific apps.  If you’re an iPhone user – give it a try – we’d love your feedback!

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