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Who’s On Your List?

November 4th, 2009

Personally, I am still figuring out Twitter lists.  I am sure that they are useful and something I will leverage eventually, however right now I am pretty happy with the folks that I am following.  I think they’re bright, informed, opinionated individuals that provide me with a generous amount of knowledge and information on a daily basis.  I’m sure I’ll dive deeper into lists very soon and start aggregating my own – but prior to that, I’ve done a bit of reading on what people are saying about Twitter Lists and how to use them.  Mashable, as they typically do, has given us a very educational insight into Twitter lists (and have already adopted the discipline as part of their site design by creating a navigation bar at the top of their site with a list of their, well, lists…).  Impressive integration.

One of the most rapid adopter of lists from what I’ve seen has been Robert Scoble (not surprised).  With his ‘voice’ and ‘influence’ many of the lists that he follows have ramped up significantly.  Some of those that I find most compelling and relevant to my job are ‘Most Influential In Tech” and “Tech News – Brands“.  On a more personal front, I’m a sports fanatic…  Twitter list could prove to fuel the fire for my constant quest for the latest sports news – whether it be about my beloved Oregon Ducks, Boston Celtics, or simply information to give me a leg up on each of my Fantasy Football and Basketball leagues.   As Ryan Corazza writes for ESPN.com, this could be a great utility for leagues and fans alike:

If leagues use lists to their advantage, it would serve an important duality: expanding their brand and reach while satisfying fans’ craving for as much quality information as they can handle on their team.

This is true not just for sports, but any organization with a rabid following.  Aggregate information, make it easy to consume and distribute, and you have a winning combination that will extend a brand’s influence much further than it could on it’s own.


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