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Apps-olutely Crazy for Mobile Apps

September 18th, 2009

Great visual (click image for larger) of the Mobile App landscape this week on the mobile focused site, ismashphone – a daily blog focused on the iPhone covering News, App Reviews, and Tips/Hacks.  Some of the more compelling stats from the visual include:

  • 59% of mobile users (iPhone, iPod Touch, Android) download one paid app a month
  • Over 50% of iPhone and Android users spend more than 30 minutes a day on apps
  • Total monthly paid application market share is over 200 million dollars
  • iPod Touch users download the most apps, iPhone users pay for the most apps

What’s the take away here?  There is a market for targeting customers in the mobile space.  As I wrote earlier this week, at some point this may be a consumer’s only connected device.  Those that aren’t interacting with their target audience via this medium are missing a huge opportunity.

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