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Don’t forget ‘Old Media’ – it still works…

July 13th, 2009

Clipped from FastCompany:

A new study by Cornell researchers shows that traditional (old-media) news outlets lead the blogosphere by 2.5 hours when it comes to breaking news.

What I found most interesting is the methodology with which the Cornell researchers used to make their case:

Instead of examining a few case-study pieces of news and extrapolating the behavior of the different media outlets from these limited cases, it used a powerful algorithmic search. 1.6 million mainstream media and blog Web sites were analyzed in real-time, and to see how news propagated through them all specific phrases were sampled from each site and compared to see how they appeared elsewhere

Excellent work – base an analysis on a significant amount of data, rather than a myopic view of a  few sample pieces of news – I applaud this.  It also shows a need to balance the two mediums rather than assume all breaking news lies solely in the ‘new media’ ecosystem.

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