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Which type of ‘Connector’ are you?

March 31st, 2009

Advertising Age ran an interesting article yesterday about the evolution of search and the notion that social media has affected exactly HOW people search.

If 1.0 was about making sure the information within individual pages of your site could be found, and 2.0 was about making sure your site was optimized within a network of related sites, then 3.0 is going to be about finding ways to reach individuals by using their social graphs.

Very interesting anthropology of how people’s quest for answers has shifted as their personal network has expanded.  As someone that is more active on the Web than most, I find that I leverage my network pretty heavily when searching for information…sure, I go to GOOG for the easy things, but when I want a ‘human’ recommendation/perspective – out goes a tweet or a question posed on my facebook status – in effect, leveraging my social graph.  The article goes a bit further by explaining how marketers must understand the breakdown of networks that have morphed throughout the social eco-system. 

  • Direct Connectors: connections based on real world relationships
  • Interest Generators: strangers sharing interests or perspectives – think ‘followers’ on Twitter
  • Experience Sharers: reviewers of a product or service – an enticing target due to their place in the purchase funnel

Very Gladwell-esque….which type of ‘Connector‘ are you?

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