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Google Unveils Two New TV Adverts

May 6th, 2011

Now, if your in media you know that Google doesn’t typically advertise on TV – yet they’ve come out with 2 spots within the last week promoting Chrome.  The first one I saw was entitled “It Gets Better” and the theme of the ad spot focused on bullying.  Great spot, great message – discussing a very relevant topic in the news today.

The second spot I saw really hit its mark with me.  I’m a new dad to my son Brooks.  A few nights ago Danielle and I were watching TV and saw the spot entitled “Dear Sophie“, about a new dad that used all the tools from Google (in his Chrome Browser, of course) to communicate ‘forward’ to his daughter at various stages of her life.  It was basically a time capsule of her life, through Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Picassa and any other tool from Google that was applicable.  Brilliant.  I think it’s just inspired me to do the same…

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