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Hey Mighty Girl, here’s my Life List!

August 12th, 2009

Last month, I blogged about a program that we were doing with Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl.  As you may recall Intel is helping Maggie cross a few items off her Life List of things she’d like to do before, as she says, ‘die – peacefully, in my sleep, of extreme old age’.  I think Maggie is safe from that fate anytime soon and it’s been fun to watch her make progress on whittling that list down.  So far, with our help, she has redesigned, taken tap-dancing lessons, and swam with bio-luminescent plankton in Puerto Rico.  Soon, I am going to be taking a quick trip to San Francisco to teach her how to roll in a kayak – which I am very much looking forward to.  My kayaking buddies might be cringing right now because there are times on the river where my roll is not the greatest.  Don’t worry Maggie – I have a bomber roll in the pool!

Maggie’s list has inspired an exercise where many of my co-workers, our agency, and our friends at Federated Media have taken on the task of writing down their ‘mini’ life lists.  We had an amazing response when we polled the list above and we thought it would be fun to share those lists with our friends and families.  I’m not shy, so I’ll be the first to roll mine out for all the world to see….. here goes nothin’!

  • Successful and loving marriage with my wonderful wife
  • Have and raise @ least one healthy child and be blessed to watch them grow up and have a family of their own
  • Ride 3 of the hardest mountain stages of the Tour de France – Mont Ventoux, Alpe d’Huez, and Luz Ardiden
  • Complete an Ironman triathlon (why just run a marathon when you can suffer through 3 disciplines?)
  • Renovate one final house – maybe our ‘life house’ with my wife
  • Fly Fish in Montana
  • Finally learn to play the guitar, and play it well
  • Write a book about something I am passionate about
  • Take my father to Poland before he can’t make the trip
  • Go to at least one Summer Olympics

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Have you made your Life List?

July 7th, 2009

I’ve been at Intel since the late 90′s and during my time here, it’s pretty apparent that this company is focused on the ‘future‘ , with the mindset that Intel is a leader in technological innovation.  Intel strives to deliver solutions that make people’s lives more exciting and fulfilling – enabling positive change and a better, more interesting world.  Beyond the labs and the fabs, the media team also tries to have a little bit of fun in our advertising (as you can tell with our recent Rock Star ad in our Sponsors of Tomorrow campaign) and in some of the sponsorships we choose to put our media behind. 

Most recently, we’ve decided to work with Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl and help her out with a few things on her “Life List“.  You wouldn’t necessarily expect that Intel and Maggie would be a natural fit – however, her Life List personifies what ‘Tomorrow’ feels like for the everyday person.  Don’t get me wrong – Maggie is far from ordinary, but like the rest of us she has some aspirations of things she’d like to do as she moves through life.  We’re pretty excited to help her check a few of those things off and, based on the comments on her posts, her readers are too!

Kelly Says:Intel suddenly ROCKS as a brand in my opinion

ElJay Says:Wow, wow, wow. That is incredible. Way to go Intel!

Heather Says:OMG – THRILLED for you! How FANTASTIC! And what an amazing thing for Intel to do…..particularly in this crazy time! I love your list and can’t wait to see how it all unfolds! Congrats!”

Keep track of Maggie’s progress (she’ll be tap dancing like Fred Astaire in no time!) on her list through her Blog and Twitter- we’ll be doing some fun things with her over the coming months.  I can’t reveal all of the list items we’re helping her with here – that wouldn’t be any fun and we want to surprise you with how Intel is helping Maggie whittle down that list of life to do’s…stay tuned – much more fun to come, tomorrow!

The idea for this came from Federated Media, which works with many bloggers around the world.  They’ve been working with my team for several years, and their creativity and good relationships are helping bring to life the “Sponsors of Tomorrow” theme we’ve been building since March.

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