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Top Brands By Social Media Presence – Intel #6

October 15th, 2009

ReadWriteWeb published a synopsis of a larger report released by Sysomos, which aimed to “re-evaluate the top 20 brands by their social media presence on blogs, forums and news sites” – rather than focus on data that Interbrand uses to evaluate top brands (such as financial data, international scope and economic value added) .  This evaluation method has shaken up the rankings.  While Intel went down year over year from Interbrand’s perspective (slipping 2 slots from #7 to #9), it was the only brand in the top 10 on Sysomos’s report that showed positive traction with regards to Social Media Presence (rising a small percentage to #6).  Our Social Media teams across the company do a great job in driving this presence – hat tip to all involved.

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