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E*TRADE: Making advertising fun, and memorable

March 26th, 2009

I’ll give it to E*TRADE – their commercials are consistently funny and get me to pay attention.  So much so that I will stop fast forwarding my DVR just to watch what that crazy baby is going to say next.  They’ve found an effective ad campaign and are sticking with it – which is refreshing.  Too many brands are changing their campaigns too frequently, which kills their brand recall.  E*TRADE gets it and they’ve fully embraced the talking baby as their hook.  Everyone loves babies…and talking babies are funny!  “Why don’t you try reading the rules… shankapotomus.”

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Integrating Social Media into your Marketing Plan

February 24th, 2009

Traditional marketing as we know it is changing.  Heck, it’s changed a LOT over the last few years with the rise in user-generated brand advocacy and criticism.  Companies need to start thinking about social media in this way- and some already are, like Scotts:

Adotas profiles them in their February 20th article:

The Scotts site leverages social media to elevate the consumer experience. Scotts enables consumers to participate in blogs, forums, and photo galleries that are designed to inspire and assist gardening enthusiasts….. Within days of rolling out the social media features, thousands of visitors registered to create blogs, connect with other lawn care enthusiasts, and share their stories and pictures. To date, the Scotts site has hosted more than 246,000 social interactions between consumers.

Allowing people to connect on your site around their passion points to elevate your brand affinity…smart.

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