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What’s YOUR Monthly Facebook Consumption?

January 13th, 2010

Are you average?  Because, if you are – you are viewing a staggering 662 pages on Facebook each month, according to a recent study done by Pingdom.  Facebook is the lead horse in the Social Networking race (but we’ve known that for a while). The differentiator for Facebook that sets them above the crop of Social Networking sites on the Web is two-fold.  Not only is their user base gigantic (larger than the entire population of the United States), but as the chart below (courtesy: Silicon Alley Insider) clearly shows – they are a very loyal lot as well.  Loyal not just to the destination on Facebook, but as WebProNews shows – it is also the largest generator of referral traffic to sites outside of…effectively matching the combined referral traffic generated by Google and Bing.  The moral?  Size matters….but so does commitment.  You’ve won if you have both.

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America Loves Facebook

November 2nd, 2009

According to a recent report released by Hitwise, people navigating to Facebook account for more than 6% (6.1% to be exact) of all Internet visits in the U.S.  In a word – WOW.  Imagine if they had a better monetization strategy…

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Facebook goes aTwitter…

September 14th, 2009

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right?  Twitter – be flattered – Facebook loves your @ reply functionality.  Either that, or they are kicking themself for not thinking of it first.  This capability was announced last week and will begin rollout to users this week.  I experienced for the first time today…with a little green pop-up box asking if I wanted to tag anyone in my status update.  It’s essentially the same as ‘tagging’ someone in a photo, whereby it also gives the friend you included in your status the ability to ‘untag’ themselves (something you can not do with a Twitter @reply).  While this is a useful social feature for Facebook users to include friends in their status, let’s be clear that this data also helps Facebook continue it’s emphasis on ‘structured data’ and assists in profiling users for more targeted advertising by companies contracting with Facebook - as AllFacebook points out:

Information attributed to an individual user helps us paint a picture of that individual’s personality as well as their general habits. In addition to giving Facebook ad developers greater access to understanding a user, it also is extremely useful for producing more effective communication.

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Facebook Graffiti – extending the capabilities

April 13th, 2009

I’ve been a fan of the Graffiti application for a long time – I should be, I’ve sponsored several technology enablements such as Embed, Replay, and Performance through my role @ Intel.  This is a great application and I often marvel at the amazing artwork that comes from using the simplest of tools (basically a 3 tool version of paint).  I’ve been lucky to work closely with Mark Kantor, the founder of the Graffiti application.  Today on Facebook, he posted a piece that is the convergence of two of my passions – technology and running….this is my favorite Graffiti yet.  I am using the ‘Embed’ feature to place this on my blog from Facebook.  Click the > in the middle of the image to take advantage of the ‘Replay’ capability.

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Facebook profiles on TV commercials – a new trend?

April 2nd, 2009

I’ll admit – I fast forward commercials when watching programs I’ve DVR’d.  Very few catch my attention.  One did last night – Vitamin Water.  I’ve seen plenty of 30 second spots in the last year that offer up a web address at the end.  I’ve never seen one that showed the address of their Facebook profile page – until yesterday.  Well done Vitamin Water.  I did some digging online and found this post “VitaminWater Launches Primetime Facebook Promotion” on All Facebook.  I think we’re going to be seeing this more and more. 

*Sidenote, the author of All Facebook is clearly not a basketball fan as he is assuming that Steve Nash (or on Twitter) is the founder of Vitamin Water.

The VitaminWater page currently includes a number of videos about Steve Nash (who I’m guessing is the founder)….“  Ahem, not so much…. Apparently he didn’t recognize Kobe, LeBron, or CP3 either…


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How ‘open’ is your Facebook?

March 8th, 2009

I have hundreds of ‘friends’ on Facebook.  I don’t filter what anyone can see if they have gotten the acceptance note to their friend request.  Among those friends I count long time high school classmates, college track buddies, colleagues and job acquaintances, and my family (yes, my mom is on Facebook).  I will say that I am moderately thoughtful when I post a status update or pictures of my latest travels with my fiancée but for the most part, nothing gets censored.  My reasoning?  If I have accepted you as a ‘friend’ on FB, then I am comfortable enough with you to see all the content I am posting.  Not everyone feels that way – in fact I have certain friends that go through a laborious process to designate levels of access for each of their friends.  Yikes – too hard for me.  If I don’t trust you to see my photos, you probably aren’t going to make my friend’s list.  Interesting article in the NY Times on this very topic.

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Facebook – Taking over our lives?

February 22nd, 2009

I’m an early riser.  I’m up at dawn, walk the dogs, get myself ready and then head into work.  One of the first things I do is check Facebook.  I used to check sports scores first.  What happened?  Well, to be fair I still hit the sports page – but it’s just not the FIRST thing I do EVERY morning… Facebook has changed my behavior.  Has it done the same for you?

Research Fortune has done for this article says yes…  “This addictive quality keeps Facebook’s typical user on the site for an average of 169 minutes a month, according to ComScore. Compare that with Google News, where the average reader spends 13 minutes a month checking up on the world, or the New York Times website, which holds on to readers for a mere ten minutes a month.”

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